TrackerPro Announces Seamless Integration with First American Title Insurance Company for Policy Jackets and Closing Protection Letters (CPLs), Agent Authorization Letters (New York)

TrackerPro Title insurance software

First American Title



We are pleased to announce our new partnership which provides seamless integration to First American’s AgentNet® online application. With this new feature, TrackerPro users can now request and receive policy jackets and policy numbers, and generate approved CPLs/agent authorization letters directly through TrackerPro without the need to work across multiple systems and re-key data.

With just one click, TrackerPro’s optional feature enables users to receive policy jackets and numbers and CPLs/agent authorization letters from AgentNet® and provides the following benefits:

  • Delivers a behind-the-scenes secure sign-on to AgentNet®
  • Automatically receives policy jackets and numbers and merges them into the title policy produced by TrackerPro
  • Automatically retrieves CPLs/agent authorization letters and saves them into the TrackerPro file cabinet
  • Leverages already validated information stored in TrackerPro
  • Saves substantial time and money by minimizing manual and duplicate data entry and validation steps
  • Is fully integrated with TrackerPro’s document management system
  • Greatly simplifies the process of ordering and compiling policy jackets and CPLs/agent authorization letters into your title reports

Click here to view a demonstration of the AgentNet® integration.

For more information and to find out how you can begin using this new optional feature, please call Howard Finkelstein at 631-393-6999 or send an email to