TrackerPro Announces Recon-Plus Advanced Banking with Daily Reconciliation

TrackerPro is pleased to announce the general availability of the Recon-Plus Advanced Banking option exclusively for the TrackerPro platform. Recon-Plus addresses ALTA Best Practices and provides you and your underwriter, lender, or regulator the transparency and oversight needed to ensure full compliance of your financial systems. This new option is seamlessly integrated with TrackerPro and provides both positive pay functionality as well as automated daily account reconciliation. Recon-Plus is available now with major banking institutions including Citibank®.

Recon-Plus is fast and easy to use and saves us substantial time and effort by automating the tedious process of reconciling our bank accounts”, said Jackie Meli-Rizzo of National Land Tenure. “We are now notified as soon as there’s a problem so we can address it on the spot.”

“With Recon-Plus, you no longer need to use a separate process for these critical banking functions”, said Chuck McGrath of TrackerPro. “Recon-Plus allows you to manage your business by exception, eliminating the need for countless hours of manual reconciliation efforts.”


The Recon-Plus reconciliation feature automatically tracks and validates funds flowing through your escrow and other selected bank accounts that are already managed by TrackerPro. Recon-Plus simplifies every aspect of account reconciliation through a defined set of rules that automatically alert you as soon as something is out of balance. This automated functionality allows you to proactively monitor the state of your accounts without the need for manual reconciliation and intervention. For example, instead of waiting until your monthly bank statement arrives to begin sorting through hundreds of transactions, you can now focus on reconciling the exceptions as they occur.

The Recon-Plus positive pay feature eliminates check fraud by ensuring that only the checks you have issued for payment are processed by your bank. Recon-Plus automatically and securely transmits your issued checks directly from TrackerPro to your bank for processing as frequently as needed and without delay. Automatic and immediate notification is provided to you for any checks that were debited from your account where there’s no matching check within TrackerPro.

The TrackerPro Recon-Plus Advanced Banking option provides you with the following features and benefits:

  • Operates within the TrackerPro platform and eliminates the need for other third party products
  • ALTA best practices compliance
  • Check fraud prevention
  • Comprehensive account analysis beyond 3-way reconciliation
  • Immediate notification of out of balance accounts and transactions
  • Automatic daily reconciliation of all bank accounts
  • User friendly transaction matching system for outstanding banking items
  • Activity tracking, extensive reporting and automated system alerts
  • Eliminates manual efforts and saves substantial time and money

For more information about how to get started with Recon-Plus, please contact us at 631-393-6999 or at